J.T. Revner

Hacker. Writer. Leatherman.

Hi! I'm JT. Welcome.

The Hacker

“Hacker” has many definitions these days, so I’ll explain what it means to me. Ultimately, I’m passionate about understanding how things work and solving problems whether they be technical or human and have a broad understanding of topics across the spectrum of information technology. Given a challenge, I seek interesting solutions.

I follow the hacker ethic and tinker with software and hardware (I spent a weekend with an Arduino which basically makes me an Embedded Systems Engineer, right?). I’ve got myself a reputation as a tinfoil-hat privacy and security guy who never shuts up about encryption. I’ve run sites and servers on AWS, shared hosts, and elsewhere. I’m excited to see the development of biohacking and cybernetics. I was promised cooler tech in the cyberpunk dystopia.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web (JAMstack & CMS sites)
  • Hand me a stack of APIs and JSON data and I’ll make something cool

I want to do interesting things and solve interesting problems. Have one? Reach out: jt@jtrevner.com

The Writer

My formal training is as a writer - I hold a degree in Journalism and Screen Studies, where I focused on writing and designing experiences for digital media. Interactive experiences (both games and not) was my main focus. The intersection of technology and storytelling is of particular interest to me and I look forward to seeing what both entertainment and journalistic media do with virtual and augmented reality.

Beyond that, I blog regularly about my personal life and leather subculture elsewhere.

  • Content and copy writing for small businesses
  • Media critique and book reviews
  • Essays on mental health and queer theory
  • Ghost writing

Let me write for you: jt@jtrevner.com

The Leatherman

I am a leatherman. If you are not familiar with leather subculture, the Wikipedia entry is a decent introduction.

Given the esoteric nature of my personal life and my privilege in being out, I find education in this space a critical part of my community service. I currently offer two presentations for university students:

  • Leather Culture and History
  • BDSM 101.

These talks are appropriate for upper-level sociology, anthropology, gender/queer studies, and human sexuality courses.

Within the leather community I offer:

  • Digital Privacy for Kinksters and Queers

This is a beginner-level class where I’ll show the audience easy ways to shore up their privacy and security in a digital world, with specific considerations for those of us in the scene.

There is no cost to the above presentations unless location dictates I travel further than 50 miles outside of Metro Detroit, in which case I ask that my travel expenses be reimbursed.

Learn something new: jt@jtrevner.com