About me

Hi! I'm JT. This site serves as my personal blog where I write about a varity of interests. I am a pansexual polyamorous leatherman, a software developer, and an anarchist. The personal is political and so I use this space to talk about all aspects of my life under one roof. Orignally this blog detailed my exploration in my local BDSM/fetish/leather communities, but has now expanded to include all of my personal, professional, and political interests.

My day job has me working as an app developer, currently in the healthcare space. I've been developing apps on the Unity3D platform over over 6 years - originally with the intent to be a game developer. Times change and my professional/technical interests now lie in infosec/privacy and related topics. More specifically, I'm interested in how software is and can be used to protect journalists, protesters, whistleblowers, and the like.

As a leatherman, I am involved in local, regional, and international communities and organizations that support queer, polyamourous, and kinky folk. I am the Founding Director of MAsT: Royal Oak - Masters And slaves Together being an international non-profit providing support for individuals interested in or participating in consensual authority-based relationshships, often referred to as Master/slave (M/s) or Dominant/submissive (D/s).

In addition to running a MAsT chapter, I co-host monthly discussion groups on power exchange relationships and am a memeber of the Board of Education, a non-profit which holds weekly classes on a variety of adult topics.

You can find my PGP key at https://keybase.io/jtrevner.