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Updates on my new site

January 27, 2017 - 2 minute read -

I’ve been talking for some time about making some changes to my site. This is finally a step in that direction. I’ve decided to move off of Wordpress and instead use a static site generator, called Jekyll. This serves a couple purposes. First, by using a static site, I can host it directly on Github. This saves me money as I will no longer have to pay for hosting. Secondly, I prefer the minimalism of using a static site - without the need for a backend, the site loads wicked fast and I don’t have to worry about keeping Wordpress and all the plugins updated.

One downside to a static site is how to handle comments (if at all). Without a backend, I have to choose to host comments on a site like Disqus, leaving me without full control, or simply go comment-less. Truth be told, I do not have a lot of comments on my site as is, at least recently. What comments I do get often are on Twitter anyway. Given this, I’ve decided to forgo comments at the moment.

Additionally, I must decide what to do with all the posts from my Wordpress blog. There are converters available to streamline the process of moving from Wordpress to Jekyll. Because this blog is becoming more general in nature and not strictly a private BDSM/sex blog, I’m not confident all of my older posts are worth moving over. I will, of course, keep a backup for myself to reference when needed. Another though - as I become more politically active IRL and vocal online, I will be opening myself up to potential harassment and doxxing, which can be mitigated by selectively moving posts over that won’t compromise me security and privacy.

If you’ve been a long time reader of this site, please let me know you’re thoughts on my propositions on twitter: @jtrevner.